Why you really HAVE to visit Jordan in 2019

Jordan 2018Visiting Jordan might not be on too many a bucket list – but this article wraps up a number of key reasons why it you really MUST visit Jordan in 2019!!

If you’ve already taken a quick look around our site, you’ll see that Jordan is so much more than the sand dunes and gorgeous desert landscapes it has become famous for. Whether you’re hunting for unique chillout spots or a true Middle Eastern adventure which will let you discover more about yourself – or perhaps you’re just plain crazy about discovering some truly amazing history – Jordan has a lot to offer.

And 2019 is the perfect time to go because, well, why wait any longer?

It’s probably no secret that Jordan’s tourism industry suffered a bit for a few years, largely due to the Arab Spring, and a rather nasty civil war in neighboring Syria. But with a nice increase in tourism numbers (and revenues) in 2017 and 2018, it’s safe to say that Jordan is once more back on the radar of many a tourist!

Cheap flights to Jordan

One of the big reasons to come and visit Jordan in 2019 is the availability of some amazing cheap flights to Amman and Aqaba from Europe! For many of us, the flights to a faraway land are often the stumbling block; this year it looks like those blocks are a-tumbling and destinations like Jordan are getting ever within reach! And don’t forget, Jordan is also just a quick hop over the border from Israel – see our budget-friendly tour options from Israel.

Uncrowded tourist sites

With tourism to Jordan only starting to reignite itself, 2019 is the perfect time to come and visit! Now you can get to see some of Jordan’s stunning attractions – minus the crowds. Oh yes – no more waiting in long lines (though Petra at certain times of the week can be crowded and looks to be getting more crowded over the coming months as tourism rockets skywards), or struggling to find the perfect spot for that Instagram photo that shows only you and the beauty of Jordan – sometimes, if you’re very lucky, a tourist spot becomes yours, and yours alone!

The Jordan Trail

For all keen hikers out there, chances are you’ll be one of the first to check out the Jordan Trail if you visit this year. This remarkable 650 km hiking trail will not just give you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for, it’ll also let you explore and experience Jordan in a totally unique way. The trail opened just last year, and it spans from tip to tail of the entire country. You can either hike the entire trail, which usually takes a month, or you can just choose a section to explore. Either way, this is still a fairly unknown Jordan gem and is definitely worth checking out!

The Jordan Pass

Aside from the Jordan Trail, the Jordan Pass is also a fairly new addition to the tourist scene in Jordan (it starts from 70JD (around $99)). This hassle-free prepaid entry pass allows you to visit more than 40 sites across the entirety of Jordan – and it also waives the standard 40JD fee for tourist visas (if you stay a minimum of 3 nights in Jordan).

Safe, safe, safe!

So, is it safe to visit Jordan in 2019? Definitely.

The country is very welcoming and its people are warm and friendly. First-time visitors will be amazed, and whether it’s going to be your first or seventh visit, Jordan may well surprise you, especially when you take into consideration what’s going on in neighboring lands – even if you’re a female solo traveler.

Of course, as this part of the world is ever fragile, we still advise you to check the official travel advice of your local embassy/consulate.  

Don’t miss our FAQ for answers to all your Jordan travel questions!

Jordan is full of wonderful places to visit. From chasing ancient petroglyphs on rock formations, to exploring one desert landscape after another, to diving in its gorgeous marine life, Jordan will have you wanting more and more…and more!