What to pack for a trip to Jordan?

what to pack jordanIf you’ve already taken the plunge, purchased that ticket to Jordan and got your Jordanian visa sorted, your next step is to worry about what to pack!

Packing for Jordan will probably take a little more thought and consideration, especially because of their stricter dress codes (especially for women) and the hot climate. But to make it as clear and simple as possible, the one general rule that can be applied is to cover your knees and shoulders for modesty, and to remain respectful to Jordanian culture.

Below we’ve created a list of things to take with you to Jordan…keep them in mind when packing!

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Must haves for your trip to Jordan

OK, so we’ve come up with a little list of absolute must-haves for that trip to Jordan…

Sun lotion: Your mother always warned you of this one, so instead of braving those rays and turning red as a lobster, do us all a favor and pack some sun lotion! Getting burnt might just ruin your whole trip – be sure to pack at least factor 30 and above.

Sunglasses: Of course, these will provide decent protection from the sun, and also are extra helpful at stopping sand from blowing directly into your eyes.

Sun hat: A sun hat that covers your face – trust us, there are plenty of decent, fashionable looking hats to help prevent a sunburnt scalp. Even worse, nobody wants to be suffering from a blistered or peeling head…safety first people!

Lightweight and loose fitting clothing: Although you will be covering yourself in sun lotion (right?!) I would highly advise long sleeves and pants for extra protection from the searing heat of the sun (in addition to adhering to Jordan’s more sensitive dress codes). Ladies, make sure that your knees, shoulders and cleavage are covered to show respect; light colored clothing is a better choice as it will help keep you cooler than darker clothes.

Sturdy sneakers/trainers: You will probably be doing a lot of walking (especially if touring sites like Petra and Jerash) so its worth considering a pair of comfortable trainers (and not open toe!). Forget flimsy shoes in the desert unless you want sore and blistered feet afterwards. It’s important that you have one main pair of closed toe shoes or your feet can get extremely dirty.

Flip flops: Handy to slip on quickly whilst at the beach or for when your feet are swollen from the heat. Usually very lightweight to pack, and you will thank yourself when its over 40 degrees outside.

T-shirts: T-shirts are allowed in Jordan as long as they cover your shoulders and chest; unfortunately this means no crop tops or strapless dresses, just keep to the old standard, lightweight tees and you’ll be fine.

Things worth considering for Jordan

Cosy socks: If you don’t know already, in Wadi Rum there is a huge contrast in the day and night temperature so its important to consider this. It’s far too easy to set off for your trip whilst its boiling outside and forget that the temperatures plummet during the night when you’re in your remote desert camp, so pack some thick socks to keep your toes from getting cold.

Insect repellent: Handy for keeping those pesky mosquitoes away! Helps to minimize your chances of being bitten and then being itchy and irritated for days.

Vaseline: The hot and dry weather can leave you feeling dehydrated, leading to dry lips and skin. Packing a small tin of Vaseline can be a life saver and ensures you stay comfortable in any extreme heat or dry periods.

Lightweight scarf: If in doubt about dress code, your best bet is to wrap a scarf around your neck, ensuring that you cover your collar bones. Alternatively, you can wear it on your head for further sun protection!

Torch: To help you find your belongings or the bathroom on Wadi Rum during nightfall. It can get extremely dark at night due to the location, so if you want to be able to find anything – you’ll thank us later for that torch!

Aloe Vera: A backup just in case all else fails… this will help sooth sunburn and mosquito bites! It can be such a relief to have just a small amount with you.

A fake wedding ring: Sure, this is for women only but it can deter unwanted male attention when you are in certain places and travelling solo.

If you’re planning on going to Wadi Rum, be aware that although most accommodation options should provide you with pillows and sleeping bags, it might be worth double-checking to be sure so you’re not left to your own devices.

With this being said, minimize your belongings as much as possible and only pack what you think you’ll need… Having too much weight on your back or shoulder can make an otherwise amazing experience into a hot and stressful one!


If you’ve traveled before, it isn’t hard to pack for Jordan. Just follow our guide and, more importantly, have fun!