The Jordan Pass: to buy or not to buy, that is the question…

Not every visitor to Jordan is aware of the Jordan Pass, but really should be! Primarily targeted at the independent traveler, the Jordan Pass provides you access to over 40 main tourist sites – yes, including Petra – and is definitely going to save you some serious Jordanian dinars if you’re staying for longer than a couple of nights!

So, what is the Jordan Pass exactly?

Basically, the Jordan Pass enables you to visit multiple archaeological sites and museums in Jordan for one inclusive package price of 70 Jordanian dinars (around $99), which includes one day’s entrance fees to Petra. This package is known as the Jordan Wanderer pass.

In fact, there are another two packages you can purchase – the Jordan Explorer pass, which includes a 2-day Petra pass (for 75 Jordanian dinars), and the Jordan Expert pass, which includes a 3-day pass to Petra (for 80 Jordanian dinars).

As you can see, the only main difference between these packages is the amount of time you can visit Petra.

All packages include entrance fees to Petra and a free downloadable brochure, and if you plan on spending a minimum of 3 nights in Jordan, the fee for your Jordanian visa (around 40 Jordanian dinars) will be waived! As we mentioned, a definite dinar saver!

Just note that when you exit Jordan, the immigration guys and gals will search their records to confirm whether or not you stayed 3 nights – if you didn’t, expect to pay the visa fee, which, in turn, makes the purchase of the Jordan Pass much less viable…

Where can I buy the Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass can be bought and downloaded from this link. After purchase, an email is sent which includes your pass.

Be aware that you cannot upgrade or downgrade your pass after purchasing – so make sure you buy the right package for your trip!

How long is my Jordan Pass valid for?

Your Jordan Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, but only gets activated when scanned at the first site you use it. Once activated it is valid for two weeks (be aware that your Jordanian visa is valid for four weeks).

TIP: Keep a backup of the pass ticket, for that “just in case” moment!

What sites and attractions are included in the Jordan Pass?

A full list of the sites and attractions can be found here. The only real omissions from the list are Petra by night and Mount Nebo.

A few issues you should be aware of>>>

  • The Jordan Pass covers entrance fees only – extras should be booked in advance (for example, jeep tours at Wadi Rum).
  • If you are staying in Jordan for three nights or more, it takes care of the visa fee (40JD).
  • It will save you some serious dinars at Petra.
  • You can only visit attractions once; if you want to revisit a site, you’ll have to pay.

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