If Petra is your destination and you’re searching for a great place to stay, then add the Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp to your checklist!

This amazing little camp, actually located in Little Petra, a 15 minute drive from the main Petra site at Wadi Musa, is full of charm – expect carpeted floors, wrought-iron beds, a cool little breakfast, and a roaring campfire with Bedouin music and dancing at night!

If you’re arriving at night, expect to be wowed – the view of glowing lanterns on the rocks as you drive in towards the camp is just priceless!

We loved the place when we stayed there, and the guys working there really made you feel at home. My kid was actually sick during our 2 night stay, and they made sure to check up on us and supply us with plenty of soothing, sweet tea.

They are often the chosen destination for tours that arrive from Israel, but don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the online reviews they have below:

“We stayed one night at Seven Wonders and loved it! We got there in the evening and what a surprise to see the holes of the rocks all lightened. This first sight was a very warm welcoming followed by a delicious dinner.”

“From the first impression to the last, the 2 night stay was amazing. This was an experience that I am glad I got to have. The rooms are neat and cozy. The food is great, and the fire at night is cozy and comes with lots and lots of tea. Every single person that I encountered was welcoming and warm and willing to go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.”

The Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp is a great little place, with cool little tents that are way more comfortable than you expect, an endless supply of tea and the accompanying view of mountainous terrain at your doorstep (or tent-flap, to be more precise!)… this place is not only for couples and small families, it’s also perfect for adventure seekers searching for something just a little different and off-the-beaten tourist path…

To check on availability click here, or check their official website.

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