Jordan FAQ

This page is dedicated to providing you with all the answers you need for an experience to remember in Jordan. To see the answer to each of the listed questions below, just click on the question to display the answer.

When is the best time to visit Jordan?
The best time to visit Jordan is probably during the spring and autumn months. The days will be warm, reaching temperatures in the high 20°C’s, with cool nights. It’s perfect weather for exploring the country, especially if you are hiking through some of Jordan’s desert wonders in places like Wadi Rum. It’s also perfect for hiking, especially the amazing 650 km Jordan Trail. To be completely honest, summer is probably hotter than you can imagine, and yep, you’re going to suffer if you’re a pasty, white European or American! See our full breakdown of the seasonal highlights in Jordan.
How safe is Jordan?
You may well be surprised to find out that it’s very safe in Jordan, especially on the well-worn tourist route. The only places you should be very wary of visiting are at the borders with Syria and Iraq – read more about why it’s safe in Jordan here.
How friendly are the Jordanians?
The Jordanian people are a very friendly bunch. Maybe it’s because of the downturn in tourism over recent years which has made them more appreciative and welcoming to those tourists that do make it over here. Or maybe it’s just the way they are. You decide.
Do I need a visa?
Unless you’re from BahrainEgyptKuwaitLebanonOmanPalestineQatarSaudi ArabiaTurkey, or United Arab Emirates, you’re going to need a visa. However, most of you will be OK, as some 120 territories and countries can get a visa upon arrival in Jordan. For more, see our guide to visas for Jordan.
What should I pack for a trip to Jordan?
When packing for Jordan, you’ll need to take into consideration Jordan’s stricter dress codes (especially for women) and the hot climate. One general rule: cover your knees and shoulders for modesty. For a complete guide, see our guide to what to pack for a trip to Jordan.
How easy is it to get around?
It’s fairly easy to get around, at least between the main tourist sites. It’s also fairly easy to rent a car and drive around, as the roads are decent and well-signed. And the madness on the roads isn’t as mad as it actually looks, it does seem to work! For more info, see our guide to getting around Jordan.
What are the must-sees in Jordan?
There are some amazing sites to see in Jordan, and some of them like Petra, Wadi Rum, and Amman are probably already on your bucket list. For a guide to the Top 10 must-sees in Jordan, click here.
Can I really float in the Dead Sea?
Oh yes! The incredible Dead Sea is one of those must-try experiences and might just leave you speechless – that weightless feeling is one-of-a-kind! Don’t forget to bring a newspaper/book and take that snap while floating on your back! One thing you should be aware of, don’t shave or wax your legs a few hours before you enter the Dead Sea. Those open pores will burn like crazy from the salty sea and you’ll be jumping and hollering like a madman/woman! For a complete guide to what to see & do in the Dead Sea in Jordan, click here.
Do they drink beer in Jordan?
To our surprise, seeing that Jordan is largely a Muslim country, access to beer/alcohol is fairly easy (though not cheap). I don’t think I’d recommend walking down the street with a can in your hand,  and don’t expect the Bedouin desert camps in Wadi Rum to stock a fridge-full, but there are some decent bars in places like Amman and Aqaba where you can definitely grab a drink. Even at Petra, head to somewhere like The Cave Bar for a unique drinking experience!
Is it expensive in Jordan?
Not as cheap as you’d like it to be! Things like meals and drinks are reasonable (though alcohol is fairly pricey). What we found expensive was the entrance fees to places like Petra, and some hotels are running on Western price-levels while not exactly on a par with the same quality you’ll find in Europe/America. In addition, getting from site to site can be pricey in terms of taxis and private drivers, as the local public transport ain’t great.
Is the Jordan Pass really worth buying?
Targeted at the independent traveler, the Jordan Pass gives you access to over 40 main tourist sites – yes, including Petra – and will help save you some serious money, especially if you’re staying for a minimum of 3 nights in Jordan. For more info, see our guide to buying the Jordan Pass.
Where can I snorkel and scuba?
If you’re into scuba diving and snorkeling, it’s down to Aqaba and the Red Sea for you. There are some truly amazing corals to see, for beginner and pro alike. You can also choose to take a PADI course, or even just test the water to see if scuba is your thing.
Will my electrical appliances work in Jordan?
They will with an adapter – Jordan’s electrical system is 220 volts at 50 cycles. If you’re coming from Israel, the same adapter you used there will be fine (and Israeli plugs can be used freely in Jordan without an adapter).
What are the emergency numbers in Jordan?
Call 199 for paramedics or firefighting services.

Call 191 for the police.

Call 196 (extension 4661) for the tourist police.

Is wi-fi readily available in Jordan?
You will probably be able to find a number of free wi-fi spots throughout Jordan, and many bars and cafes will have free open access to wi-fi. Don’t expect to find wi-fi in many of the desert areas, where you’ll often not have a full 24 hours of electricity. This map looks like a good place to hunt down specific wi-fi points in Jordan.
Do they celebrate Christmas in Jordan?
With some 6% of the population Christians, you may well get to experience Christmas in Jordan, especially in some of the bigger towns and cities. In fact, you’ll be surprised to hear that Christmas Day is actually a national holiday in Jordan. To be completely honest though, I’d hop over the Israeli border to nearby Bethlehem, where you’ll definitely get more of a Christmas vibe (Jordanian citizens can’t officially get to see those festivities in Bethlehem, so usually end up watching it on TV).
What is the main religion in Jordan?
92% Muslims – 6% Christians – 2% Others
Do they speak English in Jordan?
Although Arabic is the official language, English is widely understood among the educated and the upper and middle classes. Don’t expect the local bus driver to quote Shakespeare at you though…
When is the weekend in Jordan?
Friday & Saturday are the official weekly days of rest in Jordan, though many Christian shopkeepers close on Sunday instead.
Do I need any vaccinations for Jordan?
No, you’ll be perfectly fine without any special vaccinations. One thing however – avoid drinking tap water!
How easy is it to get from Israel to Petra / Jordan?
It’s pretty darned easy! You have a variety of options, including shuttles from Nazareth to Amman, and some very budget-friendly tours that will let you experience Jordan over 2 or 3 site-packed days (there’s also an option to do a day trip from Eilat to Petra, and longer trips if that’s what you’re after). Definitely worth considering if you’re in Israel and want to catch one of the world’s true wonders in person…