EasyJet flights from London to Aqaba hopefully translate into a British tourist invasion!

easyjet to jordan petraWith a new range of EasyJet flights, it’s now the turn of the Brits to invade Jordan!

With a newly announced route from UK-based airline EasyJet, UK travelers now have their very first direct route to Jordan’s sunshine resort, Aqaba!

The flights will start on 10 November, and fly from Gatwick Airport to Aqaba (just in time for some winter sunshine, something us Brits always love!). Prices are just under £100 and can be booked online from the EasyJet website.

Many flights head straight to Amman and then you need to find a way down to Petra, Wadi Rum and the Red Sea delights of Aqaba, But this new option places you perfectly in the vicinity of these legendary desert spots, and offers UK tourists another excellent exotic location to explore!

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