Do I need a visa for Jordan?

Passport Jordan VisaThe answer: Yes, it’s more than likely you’ll need a visa for Jordan, unless you’re from one of the non-restricted nationalities – Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or United Arab Emirates. If you’re from one of these countries you won’t need a visa if you’re staying for up to 3 months. For the rest of you, yep, you’re going to need a visa.

That means obtaining a visa from one of the Jordanian diplomatic missions unless you come from one of the 120 countries and territories whose citizens are eligible for a visa for Jordan on arrival. Click here to see the nationalities eligible.

And it’s not too bad at all, because that visa on arrival enables you to stay for a maximum stay of 1, 3, or 6 months for a fee (see the fees below). And best of all, the visa is issued FREE of charge for citizens of IndiaAlgeriaHong KongJapanMorocco, and South Africa, and for tour group visitors of a minimum of 5 members staying for a minimum of two nights and who are holding a non-refundable return or circle trip ticket, or for independent travelers staying for a minimum of 3 nights and who have purchased the unified tourist site ticket (the Jordan Pass) which includes admission to the Roman city of Jerash and the stunningly awesome site of Petra.

Note that if you’ve recently been to Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone you will be refused a visa for Jordan due to the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.

Jordanian visa fees

Single Entry visas valid for one month: 40 JD (approximately 56 USD)
Double Entry visas valid for three months: 60 JD (approximately 85 USD)
Multiple Entry visas valid for six months: 120 JD (approximately 170 USD)

You should also be aware that an exit service fee applies for land and sea border points – 10 JD per passenger and 5 JD per vehicle.

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